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Z Series Specifications 




Z Series Standard Injection Molding Machine

•    The energy saving electromagnetic heating system
•    Linking connecting rod
•    Platen center is thick enough----New utility model patent:200920121070.7
•    Enhanced stationary platen------New utility model patent:200920122627.9
•    Special customized optimized control system------Design patent:200930142016.6
•    Injection pre-plastication seat with oil copper sleeve
•    Closed base structure
•    Automatic mould adjustment
•    Sealed structure with cone surface
•    Spray plastic in oil tank----New utility model patent:200920121071.1
•    Double movable hydraulic cylinders tightening structure
•    Copper bush with high quality
•    Number conversion linkage structure
•    The device to transit thin lubrication oil in volume style
•    Screw rotational speed detection

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