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BMC series (thermoset) injection molding machine
Product Description:
BMC series thermoset injection molding machine, with optimal design of special thermosetting plastic tube group, with plasticizing effect, durability, BMC machine is equipped with automatic feeding device at the same time, the use of advanced electric heating oil cooling tube heating system, temperature precise control, the installation of auxiliary templates and insulation panels, various components capable Bakelite, BMC and other thermosetting plastics production. Also available Bakelite (Phenolic) thermoset injection molding machine.

Plastic injection molding machine with high standard configuration.
Double cylinder balance injection structure
Four-stage setting for injection speed, pressure, position
Three-stage setting pressure holding material charging speed, pressure, position
Injection position monitoring function
Injection position scale control
Screw cold start prevention function
Three option modes for seat
Clamping Force 70t--2800t
Low noise, High precision and stable performance.

•    The energy saving electromagnetic heating system
•    Linking connecting rod
•    Platen center is thick enough----New utility model patent:200920121070.7
•    Enhanced stationary platen------New utility model patent:200920122627.9
•    Special customized optimized control system------Design patent:200930142016.6
•    Injection preplastication seat with oil copper sleeve
•    Closed base structure
•    Automatic mould adjustment
•    Sealed structure with cone surface
•    Spray plastic in oil tank----New utility model patent:200920121071.1
•    Double movable hydraulic cylinders tightening structure
•    Copper bush with high quality
•    Number conversion linkage structure
•    The device to transit thin lubrication oil in volume style
•    Screw rotational speed detection



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